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Ever been to a hotel that doesn’t feel like a hotel, and in a good way?The perks are in place: room service, delicious and varied food, and someone to look after your every need and to fulfill your every wish. Someone to pick up the towels and change the bed linen, to give you hot cups of tea after your long, chilly trek to the peak of the mountain, which is just a day’s walk away.

Window Seat2
A hotel, yes. But with the warmth of a home. Like staying as a house guest at a friend’s cottage in the hills.

That’s how I felt during my stay at Soulitude, a quaint little boutique hotel tucked away in Ramgarh, in the neighborhood of the lofty Himalayas of Uttrakhand. It felt like home, because of the friendliness of the people, the nostalgia of the food that was something Mom would cook at home, the roaring fire every evening and the view of the snow-capped mountains. But it was also, more than anything else, because of the charm of the house.

Dining Area
Living Room_Corner3
Living Room_Mint
The place was beautifully color coordinated, with fabrics that evoked happiness and sunshine, and whimsical objects strewn around haphazardly. Every piece of furniture begged one to put up their feet and soak up the comfort.

Living Room 1
Living Room_Corner2
Trunk Detail
The bedrooms were cozy with sunlight pouring in gently from the skylight on sunny days. One could simply lie down on the bed, snuggle up in the soft quilt and watch the clouds drift by.

If you are a corner person like me, there is a sweet corner with its own rocking chair where you can curl up with a book and watch the hills from the gorgeous, high windows.

The balconies are stark and simple, with a lot of play on texture in the form of stones and wooden furniture. Natural and soothing, they are in complete harmony with the garden and the surrounding mountains.

Balcony 2
Garden 3
And then there were the small details, the little surprises one stumbles upon- the brass inlays in the wooden floor and the tile work on the stairs, for example. All in different colors and patterns, yet cohesive in a Bohemian sort of way.

I should mention here that I had a talk with the manager and he informed me that even though they hired local carpenters to build most of the furniture, the wood was not locally sourced. Even the firewood is imported from elsewhere, hence protecting the fragile forest cover of the area.

Light & Shade
Wood Inlay
Wouldn’t we all like a home like this, tucked away in the hills and with room service?


A kind contribution from Payal Parmar for Housedelic.