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Pooja Ajmera | Teekhii Chhurii

There is a lot that has already been said about the creative genius of Pooja Ajmera. That she quit a promising career in HR to start something that provided more creative satisfaction is old news. That she can create wonders out of nothing but paper and knives has been repeated many a times. But what hasn’t been talked about is; the sweat, the long hours, and sometimes the actual physical pain that she has had to put to bring her pipeline dream into reality. A one woman army, she is the Artist, the Managing Director, the Marketing Executive, the Public Relations Officer and the Cleaning Crew behind Teekhii Chhurii all rolled into one!



With an off-beat brand name like that, it is obvious that Pooja possesses a great sense of humour but what surprises you most when you talk to her is impeccable work ethic and the ability to multitask without letting even a single ball dropping down. Money is not a huge motivating factor for her, what actually excites her the most about Teekhii Chhurii is the ability to put a huge smile on people’s face with her paper creations and elicit a few wows along the way!



The contemporary twist that Pooja has given to Sanjhi is what sets her apart from the usual practitioners of this ancient art. Imagine the entire scrapbook of your life summarised on a single sheet of paper, in a form of story that is uniquely yours! Every little detail of your life can find a place on this work of art, be it pasta – if you are a pasta lover or a motorbike – if you are a bike lover. It is no wonder then, that these customised paper-cuts that Teekhii Chhurii offers are hugely popular, and not just in India. And thanks to that she has had to perfect the art of sending these fragile little things across the seven seas!


The process behind these personalised memory keepers starts with Pooja interacting with each of her customers at length and learning about what makes them tick. Based on those interactions, she goes back to her drawing board and conceptualises a story revolving around their likes & big moments of their life and draws them out on paper. After getting approval, she picks up her trusty old surgical knife and gets down to the real deal. Each cut has to be precise and measured, as one wrong cut can render the entire exercise useless. Another time consuming activity she says while cutting is, figuring out which components of the story are aesthetically more suited to be cut out and treated as negatives and still keep each of the components connected.



She says she is the most impatient soul on the planet, but give her a piece of paper and a knife and she gets into her Zen Zone where nothing gets in her way. Without having had any training or even mentors, it hasn’t been a totally easy ride for Pooja who has learnt pretty much everything there is to learn about Sanjhi on her own. And for that reason alone, she feels very strongly about promoting and helping out other artists.



And yes, I was nosy enough to check if she is handy with other kinds of knives as well 😛 – she can cut an onion with as much precision as she cuts paper!

Get in touch with her on her Facebook Page here or shoot her an email at pooja@teekhiichhurii.com.

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