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Swasti Jain | Into the Unknown

“This one time when I had a sudden urge to paint in the middle of night and without thinking anything, I was painting just like a child, playing with colours. That day I realized how magical colours can be”. This line describing a memorable moment for her sums up the innocence and the maturity that Swasti Jain displays in her work.

graceful fall

Graceful Fall

She is a self taught artist who brings emotions to life on canvas. All of 25, she believes that through her paintings she can express the beauty in simple things, be it the new leaf and it signalling a new beginning or the falling leaf and the eternal dimension of transcendence. Her recent set of painting have a common theme- ‘hand’. She wants to show how various hand postures can carry a story and an ensuing message.



 The Moment- Compressed

The Moment


The beatThe Beat

When asked what her favourite work is, pat comes the reply, “It is ‘Into the unknown’. Most of us spend a lot of time looking out, out at others human beings, out at our “social relationship” etc. Occasionally, we do look at ourselves, what we are from inside only to realize that we have become too complicated with our lives. We forget that somewhere deep within, there is a different and a real ‘me’. The self which is different from what others fail to see and many a times we ourselves fail to see. This painting is an attempt to show how beautiful the inner self is, if we just dig deep enough. All we need is to spend enough time with ourselves and nurture that inner self”. While this philosophical bent of mind is reflected in the manner in which she approaches her work, she believes in continually transforming her thoughts and her work to capture emotions across the range.

Into the Unknown-Compressed

Into The Unkown

She is inspired by Jackson Pollock and Rothko and spends a substantial part of her day following various art and design pages on FB, stating that every page has a new learning to offer. When she is not painting, she loves to cook and also dabbles in photography, which serves as an extension of the painter in her. She is fascinated by various cuisines and for her cooking is about experimenting with varied spices.


She can be reached at –
mail: swasti.colors@gmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Swasti.Arts.