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For The (Wo)men On The Move

Woman on move – a friend described herself in such lofty terminology. And thus the discussion veered to what can be done for those who are on the move. Now, let me set the records straight right in the beginning. This piece is not women centric and is relevant for men on the move too. When we say ‘women on the move’ do we refer to women who reside in a particular place and travel a lot due to work/ personal commitments or women who need to move houses and cities because of a transferable job? To me the term includes both the above mentioned categories. I have tried jotting down a few pointers that can help the décor maintained by the ‘(wo)men on move’.

So basically whether you live as a paying guest, in a hostel or a rented studio apartment and travel to different parts of the world or busy moving houses and settling in new cities rather often, let us help you with basic tips to live in style.

# If you relocate often, get yourself some trunks. You can polish or paint them in different hues depending on the colour palate you choose for your home. They make great coffee tables or even side tables for various odds & ends and doubling up as luggage when you need it (just make sure it fits in the backseat of your car).

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# Instead of heavy and expensive curtains, go for light fabrics and handloom weaves. Easy to wash, easy to maintain. You can either match your upholstery and seating arrangements with curtains or can be in a smart contrast. Or better still have two sets. Every time you come back home you can change them just to add some extra colours in your life. Get sufficient soft cushions (of different shapes and sizes) and mix and match them making the sitting corner lively. If you live in colder climate, you can use old shawls and throws over your chairs and loungers to add that touch of colour.

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# Used or unpolished wooden furniture like a chest of drawers or corner shelves can be converted into unique décor items using bright paints or decoupage techniques. They also provide lots of storage space for books, CDs and keys.

# Wherever you live, create a cosy corner for yourself. It is always an added incentive to come back home. All you need is a comfortable bean bag, some books, a chic floor lamp and some rugs.


# Get yourself basic cane chairs, light and sturdy they are easy to shift around. They aren’t too expensive and with some bright colours and comfortable cushions, it can become THE place to sit with friends and beer.


6. If you have a spare room where friends and family crash when they come to visit you, get yourself a futon. Easy to lug around plus you can fold it up when you are not around.

7. Two cool ideas that can always brighten up rooms and balconies – get some fairy lights and a hammock. You are all set to turn your nomadic life into one cosy homebody.


8. The other must haves – aromatic candles and lots of photo frames with pictures of your loved ones. Not only do they personalise a space, they help make it look cosy too!

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