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Divya Thallap | Yelling Yellow

We at Housedelic today get self- indulgent and present you our youngest in-house artist who creates magic with ‘decoupage’. ‘Yelling Yellow’, the brainchild of Divya Thallap spells color, happiness and stories. Every piece of art she creates tells a story. Inspired by anecdotal experience based on her wide travels, she weaves into each creation an element of nature and love.

About Yelling Yellow 

Yelling Yellow currently, is my journal. I have begun a new, interesting journey and I wanted to share it with the world. I am spending my maximum time in learning and experimenting techniques, styles, various media and concepts for now. And soon I want to transform it into a brand.

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Inception of Yelling Yellow

I am a military brat. Growing up, we moved around India a lot and it was fascinating. We have had beautiful homes wherever we moved and my parents filled them up with fascinating “artefacts”. Things they collected over 35 years of their extensive travel – Things they found, Things that were given as gifts.

For people who visited us, we had so many exciting stories to share along with a big tour around the house. Stories! Each item you pick had a story behind it. Our guests were fascinated, and spent a lot of time asking us what was special about this, where did that come from. We never got bored of telling them, we took great pride in our adventures. We had stories to tell.

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My life wouldn’t have been the same growing up in a house full of stuff brought from my nearest big bazaar or Walmart. Shiny shelves may make force  brief  conversations, as an art student, I personally feel, what we display on our table / on our walls  must lead to a story / recollection of  an occasion / who made that piece and how to make it.  I love it the most when someone critically dissects pieces of my art giving me a tip or two. An occasional mention of greats like Van Gogh, or an “Oh my God” would make my day.

With Yelling Yellow, I want to do just that. Stories. Not just sell art, but sell a story. I love Lanterns, Marmalade, Sunflowers and Van Gogh! I am a sucker for yellow. Yellow = sunshine, happiness and positive attitude. Those words, perfectly describe me.

What prompted you to take this up?
I was playing safe for years now, always assuring myself “I am not ready yet”. I took a break from work last year, and the first step was to create a Facebook page, everything fell into place then. The name, Papa and I came up with it. I spent several months brainstorming names around Yellow.

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The other ‘job’ you do
Graphic Design/ Illustration with Oracle

What defines your art work?
Happiness. I only and always do what makes me happy, and I am told it reflects in my work.

What categories of crafts/ art work do you do?
Graphic Design, Illustration, Mixed Media art

hussena card
Explain decoupage for the uninitiated?

Decoupage in short is a technique where patterned paper/fabric/ napkin is glued down to a surface and sealed off. It becomes one with the surface.

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Your favourite work:
My First doodle. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out so nice and balanced.

Other Artists who inspire you:
I grew with some crazy artists(Art School), each one of us brought different things to the table. Our journeys are inspiring. Other artists that Inspire me, Prasad Bhat, ( Illustrator, Graphic Designer ) Alicia Souza ( Illustrator), Shilo Shiv Suleman ( Illustrator), Doodle o Drama ( Illustrator, Story teller) Journey man and Kadhia(Films), Vicky Papaioannou & Christy Tomlinson ( Mixed Media art). These are present, I don’t have to mention the Great masters like Van Gogh whose works I love and worship.

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How do you get more people to appreciate art?
Unfortunately, I am not doing my part as much as I would like to.

The most adventurous/memorable moment about being an artist?
Every single compliment I receive. The best I got and now i hear often is – “Yelling Yellow is a happy place”.

5 aki

Do you conduct workshops?
Yes I do :)

How do we reach you?
You can write to me – divya.thallap@gmail.com, or contact me on my page FB page Yelling Yellow.